Our Projects

Community learning center

We have 7 Community Learning Centres running in Sonepur district through community and administration support. We have made progress on this by introducing storytelling, art, craft, song, dance, community engagement activities, and community libraries. And after couple of months, we have been able to manage the Administration to support by giving us access/place. The Gramothhan Learning Centre is a Before and After School Programme, which aims to provide a solid and holistic educational foundation to children from rural and tribal communities to bridge the learning gaps and ensure the children stay in school. Since many of them are first-generation learners.
Following the principle of empowering through education, our teaching also focus children creativity by setting up Children’s Libraries, reading books, arranging workshop on Origami, Art, Craft, Wall Newspaper (Pila Khabar) and Dance.

Our Centers are..

  1. Kairajhuli
  2. Singhpali
  3. Salepali
  4. Sripura
  5. Saharipali
  6. Budhipali
  7. Makadbahali

Gramothhan Community Library:

The Gramothhan community library program is a learning lab for developing best practices and programmes that promote reading, bridge the gap between community and school especially for tribal and rural community’s readers, for all who have limited access to reading, and for all who wish to read. Our library provide a model for anyone wishing to create similar libraries. The Community Library Program believes every individual should have access to books. And thinking through books. We are a Low-Cost, Non-For-Profit initiative. We are committed to the work of building the movement of a Publicly Owned Library System that is accessible to all. Our community library are:

  1. Budamara (Mayurbhanj)
  2. Ulunda

Currently we have 750 Odia and English books.

School Support Program

Gramothhan presently work in 2 Government Schools where we work on researching Contextually Relevant Practices through School Operation and Classroom Teaching Practices. They also help the Administration in streamlining School Operations from scratch which includes making Children friendly. Also we work in a Low Cost Private School for Teaching Learning Practice, Learning Outcome, Curriculum Development and School Operation.

Youth Engagement Program

Gramothhan create a platform for youth to enhance their capacity building. This program’s main objective is to use Local Resources to increase the opportunities for better sustainability and quality of life. A Discussion Forum, has been setup by Gramothhan, where Youths are indulged in discussing different topics and are fearlessly providing their viewpoints.